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With over 30 years of broad operating and client experience, our founder and managing principal Karamjeet Paul has developed expertise in identifying and addressing critical extreme-risk issues at senior level in large organizations. 

Mr. Paul’s perspective has been gleaned from hands-on experience in large global organizations, startups in entrepreneurial settings, and consulting assignments. He has been a member of management teams as CFO of 2 large businesses, including Citicorp Investment Bank, was secretary to the Finance Committee of Citicorp, and has identified and launched new business propositions. His work: "Surviving Meltdowns That Cannot Be Prevented" was published in the Journal of Risk and Financial Management in October 2022, and he has authored a book, "Managing Extreme Financial Risk: Strategies & Tactics for Going Concerns" published by Academic Press/Elsevier in October 2013. He has also been published in Forbes, American Banker/BankThink and Financial Times/Agenda.

In the early 1980’s, he pioneered the interest-rate gap management framework at Citicorp that is employed today at all companies. Using this framework, he helped Citicorp's Finance Committee establish and implement guidelines for interest-rate exposure and reduce it to the designated level. He also led the development of an information-based business using proprietary database of consumer purchases in supermarkets. 

​In the 1990's, he founded a consumer healthcare information business. He led a team of experienced talent and created the largest consumer healthcare database, the second largest consumer health publication and other sources of online consumer health information. Using these assets, the company developed and sold innovative information-based marketing services to major pharmaceutical companies.

More recently, with a focus on extreme catastrophic exposure from un-anticipatable events, he has developed a going-concern "sustainability management" approach. By defining and identifying the extreme-exposure dimension of the risk and uncertainty spectrum, this approach provides the foundation for proactively managing extreme risk from the un-anticipatable unknown-unknown in organizations of all sizes in both financial and non-financial industries.

Mr. Paul's operating and client experience spans several industries, such as banking and finance, information services, outsourcing services, pharmaceutical marketing, and manufacturing and distribution.

Mr. Paul is a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay (India) and received his MBA from Case Western reserve University in Cleveland OH (USA). 

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