Strategic Exposure Group is an advisory firm with an exclusive focus on the management of extreme catastrophic exposure from un-anticipatable events.

Such catastrophic exposure is often ignored, as currently there is no disciplined framework to assess and manage it, or is addressed as an extension of traditional risk management. Addressing it through such an extension creates a false sense of security, as such traditional approaches are not useful against the un-anticipatable nature of events that create such exposure. Therefore, it requires a different approach. Ignoring this exposure or addressing it as an extension of risk management has two consequences:

1. Remaining unaddressed, it can threaten the survival of a business when things go awry, and thus results in an existential vulnerability for the going concern, and

2. It gives rise to a risk that is mispriced in financial markets, and thus impacts investor returns.

We leverage our expertise and experience to help senior management and boards address such extreme exposure from un-anticipatable events. We also help the investment community identify the mispricing of the risk that arises when such extreme exposure is ignored.

​Our focus is based upon the premise that
some meltdowns cannot be prevented. The critical question, therefore, is not how to prevent such meltdowns, which is the foundation of traditional risk management, but how to ensure that a business can survive them.

This requires a framework that employs a disciplined approach that is quite different from traditional risk management, both to address such catastrophic exposure as well as to evaluate and assess a going concern’s ability to deal with it and survive. Such a framework constitutes our primary focus.

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Strategic Exposure Group

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